Our K&L Gates Extranet capability was created to provide clients and K&L Gates client teams real-time access to information and materials related to legal matters in progress.  K&L Gates uses extranet technology to facilitate communication and collaboration with clients through web-based client-specific sites, legal reference extranets, collaboration sites, and litigation support repositories.  Extranet use can reap efficiencies and improve communication with outside counsel.  K&L Gates Extranets link electronic tools that our clients value, resulting in an integrated solution that is easy to use and administer.

The K&L Gates Extranet is a powerful means by which information technology components can be shaped to create value for our clients.  We look forward to working with you on developing and implementing extranet solutions that meet your needs.

  • To access K&L Gates firmwide Extranets, please click here to log into your extranet.

  • If your extranet access was set up as a client of the firm formerly known as Preston Gates & Ellis LLP, please contact your sponsor for more information.

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